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 Shadow Battle Rules & Information

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PostSubject: Shadow Battle Rules & Information   Thu May 11, 2017 7:43 pm

1. Both you and your opponent define the dueling rules you both want to use for the duel AND decide how much Duel Points you both wish to bet.

2. You can have either a Single or Match Duel.

3. The winner of the Shadow Arena Duel takes all DP both players bet.

4.After a Shadow Arena Duel has been done, either player must post the results, then have their opponent confirm the results by posting in the topic, but if you have a clear screenshot of the result & duel agreement between each other, that will also suffice as proof.

5. If you are using a screenshot as proof and your opponent has a different username on the Dueling platform you both used, than on Duel Academy, you must state your opponent's MDA name,in your Shadow Arena post. If you do not, your screenshot will not be accepted as proof.

6.You cannot bet more than 50% of your total Duel Points.

7.You can only challenge the same member to a Shadow Arena Duel twice per day.

8. Always remember to label Title:
{Shadow Duel} [Your name] vs [opponent] {Match}
Don't add the brackets please Lol
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Shadow Battle Rules & Information
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