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 MDA Rules & Regulations

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MDA Rules & Regulations Empty
PostSubject: MDA Rules & Regulations   MDA Rules & Regulations I_icon_minitimeSat May 13, 2017 4:35 am

MDA Rules & Regulations:

Monarch Duel Academy is a safe and positive community that strives to its maximum to ensure that ALL Vassals, Staff, and other members are safe and feel non-threatened. To ensure this MDA is built on a strong set of Rules & Regulations. This Document will explain in detail these Rules & Regulations and how each member should follow and respect them.

What are Rules & Regulations?

Rules & Regulations are a set of different listed rules that each member should follow 100% and should never leave any detail unread or unseen. Failure to do so will result in punishments that will be mentioned later on in this document.

Here are  all of Monarch Duel Academy’s Rules & Regulations:

I.) Respect
a.) Show respect to ALL members of Monarch Duel Academy; This includes new members, staff, and other member that is involved in Monarch Duel Academy.

II.) Non-Involvement
a.) Any disputes or disagreements between two or more members of MDA should be handled outside of the Academy or through Academy PM’s; Via Discord, DuelingBook, Skype, and/or Academy PM’s.
b.) MDA is not responsible for any disputes handled outside the academy.

III.) Advertising
a.) ABSOLUTELY NO Advertising is allowed UNLESS approved by an Admin or if you are advertising another forum that is affiliated with MDA.

IV.) Spamming

a.) No short replies are allowed within the Topics/Forums of MDA unless the Forum/Topic says different.
b.) No Double or Necro Posting is allowed unless directed by a Staff Member to do so. If you have any questions about either PLEASE ask an Admin.

V.) Illegal/Explicit Content
a.) ABSOLUTELY NO Illegal or Explicit Content is allowed anywhere within the Monarch Duel Academy Domain. If any occur; The Evidence will be screenshotted, your IP will be noted, and the Staff Team of MDA will be in contact with a Forumotion Officer and legal action will be handled by them.

The Punishments will be handled by the Admin’s discretion.

All Rights Reserved. Monarch Duel Academy

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MDA Rules & Regulations
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