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 DP points,information

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PostSubject: DP points,information   DP points,information I_icon_minitimeSat May 13, 2017 6:03 pm

So DP is a way to count your ranking and place you in a specific rank after you achieve a specific ammount needed to become a Monarch.
You can also use DP for buying things or products in our MDA Shop.
How to earn DP?

*Shadow Games

Probably the easiest way to win DP,by asking someone to duel you or by betting an ammount of DP points you have you can win DP easily!
You dont have to bet DP points in shadow games in order to earn DP points.If none of the duelists is betting DP points the winner gets 50 DP Points,while the other one earns 25 points.

*Monarchic Tourneys

These tourneys are held once in 2 weeks on Saturdays CET time.The only ones allowed to duel in these tourneys are the Vassals!
The 1st place gains 500 DP points
The 2nd place gains 300 DP points
The 3rd place gains 150 DP points

*The Monarchic Games

These tourneys are held twice a year.
The 1st Place winning a Golden Medal
The 2nd place winning a Silver Medal
The 3rd Place winning a Bronze Medal

2 Golden Medals=1000 DP
2 Silver Medals=700 DP
2 Bronze Medals=500 DP

A Vassal needs to earn 700 DP in order to become a Monarch.

*What advantages does a Monarch have over a Vassal?

*-50% for all products in MDA shop
*Dueling in tourneys for Paypal money and Steam games
*Possibility of becoming a moderator or even a Mega Monarch!

Other ways for winning dp?

Yes of course there are...
A single in db and devpro rated is 25dp,while a match is 50dp.
So after u make 5 rated matches post the screenshoots as an article and an admin will award you!
Also,in order to win the dp you will also have to post the link of your academy to the person you are dueling!
Winning or losing a single=25dp
Winning or losibg a match=50dp
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DP points,information
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