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 Meet the Dinosaurs!

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Duelist X

Duelist X

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PostSubject: Meet the Dinosaurs!   Wed May 31, 2017 9:14 pm

Hello Guys! Welcome to one of my deck discussions, featuring the dinosaurs! I'm not going to speak about pure jurracs or old dinos of the jurrasic world. We are talking about the most recent dinosaur support which combines with a few of the old dinosaur cards. If you don't know what cards do, feel free to check the core card effects or try to figure out on your own via this thread! ^^

So, Why didn't you wait till the new dinosaur support coming up?

Actually I made some check and it doesn't make the change for its core, though it makes it more competitive in the link format. For now, I'm going to talk about the turbo dino spam that leads to extra deck monsters.

Why Dinosaurs?

Honestly, its the 2nd dinosaur deck that was competitive during its release. It belongs to a museum!
Also, aren't babycerasaurus (baby) and petiteratodon (petite) cute? ^^
Despite its looks and its kind, its a deck which has insane search power and has variety of summoning options!

Why Is true king good support on this dinosaur deck?

As you may have noticed, baby and petite activate their special summoning effects via destruction. You can't always summon them to the field first, so dragonic diagram and true kings can destroy those baby dinos from hand too! True King Disaster can destroy 2 babies to summon itself which leads to additional 2 special summons of your option while you get to banish 3 extra deck monsters your opponent has and tilt him. Amazing isn't it?

"I chain ash bloss/skill drain on souleating oviraptor (ovi)'s searching effect!"
... And I'll chain miscellaneous (misc) and deal with it!

How good Is Ultimate Tyranno Conductor (Conductor)?

Easy summoning on your 2nd turn, after farming tons of dinosaurs in your graveyard, which (Conductor) can be searched easilly by an oviraptor (who can be summoned by a baby or petite). If you banish Giant Rex (Rex), you get to summon it too for synchroing, rank 4 xyz, link 2 or use it for conductor's 2nd effect! Concuctor's 2nd effect sets all monster your opponent controls by destroying one monster from hand or field (more baby triggers!). It's good to prevent monster effects from being activated or to get rid stronger monster(s). Also hard to get rid since oviraptor can bring it back (in defense at least), if it was already summoned with its eff first. So ya...

What does a True King Dino Deck feature?

Evolzar laggia, Evolzar Dolka, True King of all Calamities, Naturia Beast, Conductor, 4k+ ATK Tyranno Infinity, "The Dinosaur Kaiju" which can also be searched by ovi, and True Kings.
Some of the Dino decks can also house metalfoes, zoodiac, and even Master Peace(s)!

What are this deck's weaknesses?

Effects that banish cards to prevent baby and petite from triggering their effects, really long duels, hand traps, lacking backrow.

Why did you ("Duelist X") stop using true king dinos?

If you may have noticed, the true king dinos easy accessible 2 card combo will lead you to oviraptor, true king disaster and 2 other dinos. However, I need Rex and misc in my graveyard to proceed smoothier for my next turn. That way I don't have room for jurrac aeolo for denglong, which will lead me to calamities. I need 1 more card to get the graveyard I need. And I do not fancy 3 Card combos, since its rarer to occur! So ya, zoodiac gets 1 card combos and dinos seems slower atm!

Aren't you going to give us decklist?

That Depends. Are you going to pay MP for it? If ya, let me know, so I can make minor changes to my dino deck to be sold!

Anyway, that's for this guide, share your thoughts below and I hope you enjoy! ^^
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Meet the Dinosaurs!
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