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 Rp Rules and explanation

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PostSubject: Rp Rules and explanation   Sat May 27, 2017 11:20 am

*Anyone who wishes to write an Rp will have to ask Erebus wuth a pm and tell what the rp is about and the storyline,then if approved by Erebus he will be able to create a new article in the Role-Play forum of the events category.

*After he creates a new article about his Rp he will start with part 1 of the Rp and the other parts will be listed below in the same article but with different posts.

*Noone is allowed to post in the rp article but the owner of the article and admins,if someone does so his post will be deleted by one of the admins!But if the rp owners allows someone to do so he should message Erebus and let him know about that.

*You are allowed to write a suggestion about how the rp will continue to the owner of the rp by PM!

*If anyone thinks that the Rp shouldnt continue that should pm anyone of the Admins to close the topic so that he wont be able to continue with his article!

*When the rp is finished we will create a new poll and ask people to rate the Rp,the Rp can be rated from 0 to 5.Five being the highest rating you can do!

5/5 1000 Mp
4/5 800 Mp
3/5 400 Mp
2/5 200 Mp
1/5 100 Mp and
0/5 0Mp

A group of powerful lords, led by the Prime Monarch one day decided to Awaken the First Monarch. Their Tenacity allowed them to March upon their enemies, but it caused an Escalation. It caused the opposition to Erupt, and were defeated but the monarchs Returned and they Stormforthed. the legend of the monarchs continue to Strike into the hearts of common men.
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Rp Rules and explanation
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