MDA is an Academy that strives to be the best there is and it is where the best Duelists come from around the world.
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 MDA Starter Guide

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PostSubject: MDA Starter Guide   MDA Starter Guide I_icon_minitimeSat May 13, 2017 5:25 pm

MDA Starter Guide

Hello and Welcome to Monarch Duel Academy! Seeing as you are reading this document; you must be new. First off, the MDA Staff would like to warmly welcome you through our safe and welcoming doors. On this part of the Forum you will be able to know exactly every little thing you will need to know about Monarch Duel Academy and then strive on to become the greatest Monarch you can be! We all believe in you!

Here are some of the questions you will be asking yourself ,upon arrival to Monarch Duel Academy, and an explanation/answer to those questions. Let’s get started:

Where Do I Start?

If you haven’t already; Sign-up, Confirm your Email; if needed, and go here:
This is where you will Introduce yourself. To start a new Topic; Click “New Topic” which is located on both, top and bottom, of this page. Title the subject with something that has a greeting feel to it. And then tell us all about yourself, dueling interest, hobbies, etc.. Once you have finished that, you can either preview what you have written to see if it fits your criteria and approval or you can press Send.

Okay…That Was Easy...What Now?

Now that you have officially introduced to MDA; It’s time to move in and be apart of our extravagant community!
You can take part in all the different types of discussions; General YGO, Cards, and/or Decks. You can also join the Chat box to chat with or take part in duels with other members of MDA. Remember to follow the rules properly and to the T. And most of all, remember to have fun!
Do you like Roleplaying?
If the answer to this is yes then I suggest you checking out this link
Here you can find the rules and regulations of RPs and some fun official and unofficial RPs always active!

How can I rank up?
In order to understand this you should understand how our hierarchy works which can be understood by this link:
So? Whats dp exactly?We understood that you need them in order to be promoted but what is it?And how to win them?
While Mp being also Monarchic Coins but being used for other purposes and being won by other ways.
Thats it,Have fun my Monarchs!

All Rights Reserved. Monarch Duel Academy

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MDA Starter Guide
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