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 Let's Discuss about Turbo Decks.

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PostSubject: Let's Discuss about Turbo Decks.   Wed May 24, 2017 12:21 pm

Each player starts with 5 cards in their hand. So, what does make a deck a turbo one?

What are turbo decks?

A deck is called turbo, when it is able to spam a lot of strong-usefull monsters! Usally detected in metadecks, but its possible to find it in lower tier ones too!

If you noticed, Meta decks like true dracos, true king dinos, zoodiacs, komzo, metalfoes, heroes and tons of other decks share something in common, which speeds their gameplay. It's called "deck searching"

So, what is deck searching?

Deck searching is when a player uses effects that allow him to look at his deck and:
a) add card(s) from their deck to their hand, or
b) special summon specific monster(s) from deck, or
c) send specific card(s) from deck to the grave

Why is deck searching important on turbo decks?

Decks need certain cards to achieve the combos you need. It might be 1,2,3... card combos. In order to get the cards you need to start or even proceed with your deck's combo you need to literally increase the chance of adding the cards you need to your hand, so that you can dominate your opponent.

Why are turbo decks important?

Their main strength is mainly on 1st turn. Turbo decks have the ability to spam a lot of monsters and search a lot of useful cards to reduce the chances of your oponent's chances for a comeback-response. Going second might give you the opportunity to OTK too, but it may be risky, since your opponent has more chances to respond with backrow or monsters.

Do turbo decks get brick hands?

They do, and its not uncommon fact! Being not able to spam monsters in a deck that relies on spamming monsters is this deck's worst weakness. To reduce the chances of bricking hand, you need to make your deck to have a lot of low-number-card combos and a lot of cards that achieve them.

What's turbo deck's weaknesses?

Well, a lot of turbo decks lack traps (traps cards or hand traps), since they slow their gameplay. Decks like pure zoodiac is an exception. Some turbo decks don't need traps to be solid, but that make can make that deck's gameplay less surprising.

What cards counter turbo decks?

Raigeki-dark hole- kaiju slumber: Almost guaranteed waveclear, If you have space in your main deck, run a few. You can also sidedeck those cards if you don't.

Kaijus: Summoning kaiju (usally gameciel) above the most annoying monster your opponent controls will both tilt your oponent, since he can't react to it, and help you react better to the rest of his field. Run gameciels OR a lot of different kaijus with kaiju slumber in your maindeck or sideck against monsters your deck can't beat easilly.

HAND TRAPS!: Dont underestimate a few turbo decks! You might face fields you cannot even react  at all! The only way to stop your opponent to do as he wishes in the 1st turns (especially the 1st turn) is to use handtraps to slow down or freeze your opponent's gameplay. So, what hand traps are usefull?

Ash blossom & joyous spring: Really good card! Works really well on normal spells and traps, but works at all kinds of cards and for most of the decks. Preventing a single search might freeze your opponent totally! Run it in maideck if it have space.

Ghost ogre and snow rabbit: Usefull card too! Works well against contrinuous spells/traps that activate while already face-up in field, or even field spells such as dragonic diagram. Works against monsters as well, just to prevent them from using it as material for any other summon, or even use its effects further. Run it in maindeck if you have space.

Maxx "C": Punish your opponent if he special summons. He will either stop special summoning and end turn or keep special summoning and give you free cards in your hand. Use it as chain to an effect that special summons for at least 1 guaranteed draw. Run it in your most decks (Maindeck, duh)!

Droll & Lock bird: That card is amazing! If your opponent uses a draw or search effect, he won't be able to draw or search deck further by an effect. That really freezes turbo decks. Run it either in maindeck or sideck, depending on your needs

Effect Veiler: Negates a monster effect. Ash blossom & joyous spring is better here in most cases of searching. It also can't be used in your turn. It would be better than Ash for any other case that included multiple effects of a single monster or effects that doesn't include searching.

How Turbo Decks sideck?

TBH, even turbo decks can side-respond against their opponents. Here's what you should expect:

Twin Twisters-Royal Decree-Denko Sekka: Just to prevent any backrow of yours from being used.

Droll & Lock Bird: Works well against decks that search a lot (already mentioned its uses)

System Down: Really good against machine decks such as kozmo

Fog King-Zombie world-Mast of Restrict: Good against decks that need tribute summoning such as true dracos or monarchs

Necrovalley: Can prevent your opponent's graveyard from being used

Artifact Lancea: Prevents cards from being banished. Essensial for turbo decks that use the grave a lot against effects that banishes and it also prevents your opponent from banishing his own cards.

Different Dimension Ground-Macro Cosmos-Dimensional fissure: Prevents your opponent from using his own graveyard for a comeback

Psy-frame Gamma+Psyframe Driver: Works well as a response to DP-SP monster effects on your turn, or even negating hand traps-monster effects against a spell-trap effect while you still control no monsters! Then you get free psy-framelord Omega!

Lullaby of Obedience: Easy way to access a usefull monster your oponent has in deck (either hand traps or a strong monster), giving them much trouble in-game

...(There are a lot of other sidecards I didnt/forgot -/to mention)...

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this long guide about turbo decks. Share your thoughts below. I hope you enjoyed! ^^
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Let's Discuss about Turbo Decks.
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