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 MDA Tournament Rules & Regulations

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PostSubject: MDA Tournament Rules & Regulations   Tue May 23, 2017 7:51 am

MDA Tournament Rules & Regulations

Official Rule book and More:

All Vassals, Members, and Tournament Organizer must follow certain Rules.
They must also know how to play the game correctly so that there aren’t any
Disputes that can stall any tournaments or Void them. Here is the link to the
Official YGO Rulebook and GamePlay. Make sure to read over all the criteria that is in this document beforehand. Thank you.
If a Tournament Organizer doesn’t seem to get anything of the criteria listed above in the link; then he/she will be terminated and another TO will be appointed and hired.

Rules Before, During, And After:

Here are some things you will need to know before, during and after you and your opponent start a duel:
All Tournaments will be hosted as:
Advanced or Unlimited Unranked Pool
No Passwords so that anyone can watch as well as the TO
Screenshots of Side Decking after each game should be taken as well as the final score; or current score if participant has to leave for something urgent. This will help lower the chance of any disputes or arguments occurring. AND always  remember; Even though the Watchers List shows that TO’s are there. Doesn’t always mean that they are currently there. So if caught cheating and you say TO was present. Your argument may or may not be taken into consideration because even visible active watchers can still be inactive at any time.


Any disconnections during the duel of a tournament will result in a Game Loss. Once the game is rehosted and the player who D/C’ed will Admit Defeat as soon as possible and continue the match of the tournament.
Any disconnections during Siding will not count as a game loss. The duel will resume from when that D/C occurred on that specific Siding Board.
If there was a Server disconnection in which all of the server’s players cannot reach; then the match of the tournament will be paused where it left off and will resume when the server’s status is more stable.

Wrong Deck:

If a participant forgets to choose the right deck before a match begins; that player will be given an automatic game loss {0-1}. The duel will stop there and will reset when that player selects the right deck to choose. {If it is past turn 1 then this rule will be voided and if there are any disputes, the accused will receive a verbal warning from the TO and if it continues; a match loss and a specific length of time banned from future tournaments. The length is at the TO’s discretion.

All Rights Reserved. Monarch Duel Academy

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MDA Tournament Rules & Regulations
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