MDA is an Academy that strives to be the best there is and it is where the best Duelists come from around the world.
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 MDA Main Shop

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Thestalos The Monarch

Thestalos The Monarch

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Age : 21

PostSubject: MDA Main Shop   Tue May 23, 2017 2:19 am

GFX/Deck Shops: 750 MP Each
Open up your own GFX or Deck Shop and sell your works to the rest of the academy.

Username Change: 1000 MP

Change your Username. Will be logged and must wait at least 30 days before purchasing another.

Host A Tourney: 1500 MP
Host your own Tourney. You will get a percentage of your DP back; depending on how the Tourney goes.
MUST Verify with @“Thestalos The Monarch” before starting a tournament.


Glow for 3 day: 250 MP
Glow for 1 week: 1000 MP
Glow for 1 month: 3500 MP
Obtain a Glow for a certain amount of time. 5% off if you refill before time's up on item.

Staff Member Create Deck: 500 MP

Have a Staff Member create a deck for you.

You cannot obtain any of the above items until a Mega or Elite Monarch has finalized your sell and deducted your MP.
**All sales are FINAL** **No Refunds**

All Rights Reserved. Monarch Duel Academy

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PostSubject: Re: MDA Main Shop   Tue May 23, 2017 3:59 pm


A group of powerful lords, led by the Prime Monarch one day decided to Awaken the First Monarch. Their Tenacity allowed them to March upon their enemies, but it caused an Escalation. It caused the opposition to Erupt, and were defeated but the monarchs Returned and they Stormforthed. the legend of the monarchs continue to Strike into the hearts of common men.
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MDA Main Shop
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