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 New Hierarchy System

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PostSubject: New Hierarchy System   New Hierarchy System I_icon_minitimeSun May 21, 2017 11:25 pm

In order that our academy to work smoothly we chose to make a better hierarchy system.
Here is how it looks like:
1.The Elite Monarchs
  Erebus  ~Taken~
  Ehther   ~Taken~
They are the only ones who can kick the Mega Monarchs from their positions,they are the superior leaders of the academy.Neither of them can make a decision without asking each other!

2.The Mega Monarchs
Currently 4 positions available
  Caius the Shadow Monarch-Currently Taken
  Mobius the Frost Monarch-Currently Taken
  Raiza the Storm Monarch-Currently Taken
  Thestalos the Monarch-Currently Taken
These are the leaders of the academy,they have both moderation and admin powers,they are the ones to host new tourneys,recruit new members and ask something whenever you need to!

These are the Monarchs with high dueling skills,they are the ones who will duel against other academies and teams!Most of them does also have recruiting and moderating skills cuzz of their activity.In order to become an Emperor you will need to have 2000DP,have 70% of your Duel Arena matches as victories,be respectful to the others and also passing a ruling test made by Ehther and Erebus!When a Monarch becomes an Emperor he will have the choice to choose his own monarchic elemental color.These are the soul elements he can choose:
Water and Storms
Why to join this dorm?
70% cheaper things in official Monarchic market!
They will be able to join tournaments with prices of money and steam games

These are the vassals who have good yugioh skills but they need to work a bit more in order to become very good!They are the ones who can become moderators when needed.
In order to become a Monarch you need to have 1000 DP.
Why to join this dorm?
50% cheaper things in official Monarchic Market
They have the ability to become Moderators and Admins if good skills are shown

They are the newly born children of the academy,they need to work hard in order to get the power from their ancestors!
They start with 0DP and work their way through the academy by Shadow Games,Dueling in Rated,Dueling each other and also by official tournaments of MDA.
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New Hierarchy System
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